Hello! I'm Aleisha, the creative mind behind The Timid Wolf. I've been working away at my art for a few years now, and I'm excited to share what I've come up with. Inspired by everyday wonders, childhood memories, and the night sky, each creative piece is a little piece of me. 🌟 🌜

I am heavily inspired by my love of all things that grow. Many of the pieces I make are created with nature in mind. I also pull from my own personal experiences, traits, and even my zodiac sign (an Earth Virgo born during the Year of the Snake).

All of the earrings you'll find here are handmade with love, using materials like polymer clay, semi-precious stones, and a mix of 14K-18K gold charms. I've made sure they're comfy too, with nickel-free gold and stainless steel posts. No fancy talk – just down-to-earth, handcrafted goodness. 

Thanks for stopping by!

XO, The Timid Wolf 🐺